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27 Oct 2017

Over the past few decades there have been many uncorroborated sightings of the Beast of Broadstairs’ Moor. Earlier this week it was spotted fully erect (standing upright that is) in Ramsgate harbour, leaving droppings behind as evidence of its visit.

With well over 4 si...

20 Oct 2017

Artist Stacey Lemming is delighted that her artwork "My Unflushed Toilet" is being lent to Thanet's art gallery the Turnip Asynchronousary.

Her toilet was a controversial piece of Brit art that caused much discussion when first shown over a decade ago with one critic sa...

13 Oct 2017

Let's get ready to ruuuuuuumble. That's right ladies and gentlemen, he muscled in on her turf, well concrete, and she's not going to take it any more. The Shell Lady and Antony Gormley's Sculpture are set to fight in the contest of the century. The victor will be crown...

6 Oct 2017

I usually like to start my restaurant reviews with a lot of big fancy words because let’s face it, “I stuffed my face with food and then belched in joy afterwards” does not make for good reading no matter how close to reality it is. All the same, this (along with a sma...

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