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24 Nov 2017

As holidaymakers flock to Thanet like flies to...a beautiful part of the country with spectacular vistas, the need for accommodation has become ever more prominent. Margate based artist Stacey Lemming, famous for her seminal work “My Unflushed Toilet”, has entered the...

17 Nov 2017

Following the shocking Toiletgate incident of 2015, much work has been done to clean up the competitive events industry in Broadstairs. Sadly the recent Bucket and Spade Sandcastle competition has again brought scandal that has shaken the town to the very foundations o...

10 Nov 2017

A recent study conducted by the Royal Trouser Society has shown that Thanet has a surprisingly large number of people that wear shorts throughout the winter months.

With the national average of 100% of people switching to warmer leg wear when the thermostat’s mercury st...

3 Nov 2017

We’ve all heard of Londoners, or Down From Londons (DFLs) as they are known, putting an upward pressure on house prices in Thanet by moving here or keeping second homes, but now Londoners have hit back. With the highest property prices in the UK, Londoners are angry ab...

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