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29 Dec 2017

After a public consultation with the angriest and most shouty people they could find, Thanet Council has introduced local byelaws that come into effect from January 2018 prohibiting the following. Explanations from the council are next to each item prohibited, don’t ge...

22 Dec 2017

Crisis has struck Christmas as opportunistic thieves stole Santa's sleigh from outside Ramsgate Megaspoons last night. Having stopped off for a quick snifter and leaving the sleigh unlocked, Santa was devastated to find it gone upon his return.

We spoke to Santa to see...

8 Dec 2017

There was celebration today as it was announced that local graffiti artist Gareth Cretin aka ChunderTunt, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Art.

Mr Cretin who has been a regular on the Thanet art scene, developed a tagging style that impressed people with its elegant roman...

1 Dec 2017

For the last few years Manston has polarised the Thanet community between those keen to hold onto the past at any cost and those who don’t want massive airplanes rattling over their roofs whilst they try to sleep at night. Finally, after much political tussle and point...

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