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26 Jan 2018

A tense stand-off entered its fourth day today as two dogs continue to stare each other down on a popular Thanet beach. It all began when Broadstairs based Golden Retriever, Noodle, spotted Ramsgate resident Bear, a feisty Jack Russell, on the Broadstairs/Ramsgate bord...

19 Jan 2018

There were scenes of joy today as StreamBirch Strategic Partners confirmed today in their Environmental Impact Statement that they’ll only kill a handful of people to reopen Manston Airport.

“Great news” said Tony Offshore a representative of StreamBirch...

5 Jan 2018

Following the announcement of the first ever female Doctor which caused the cerebrally challenged to raise their own blood pressure in anger, a new twist has been added to one of the nation’s favourite TV shows. In coming episodes the iconic blue police box is to be re...

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