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16 Feb 2018

A Thanet man is currently undergoing treatment in Margate’s QEQM after an altercation with his wife this week. Romeo Montague was rushed to A and E on Valentine’s Day after making the mistake of, ahem, “treating” his long suffering wife to fish and chips.

“I’ll flipping...

9 Feb 2018

Archaeologists were raising their trowels in excitement today after a major find on the Margate Caves archaeological dig.

Along with the customary pieces of broken pottery and little shards of metal that they claim are actually fearsome weapons bathed in the blood of th...

2 Feb 2018

There was excitement amongst the bird loving community this week when a rare bird was spotted in Thanet. The Einkaufswagen as it is known, is normally only found during the winter in Germany and Austria.

Bill Oddie, a keen birdwatcher who captured the creature on camera...

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