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19 May 2017

I’m both sad to say and annoyed that I was mugged in Thanet yesterday. I’m not an angry person but this human parasite has both riled me and left me feeling vulnerable; afraid to go out. My therapist has recommended I share the experience to help with the healing proce...

29 Mar 2016

And Jesus said "Park not thee in St George's Churchyard, for it is not a public car park. Go forth unto Staffordshire Street and Meeting Street car parks where thee will find ample parking."

And it was so

19 Feb 2016

Does anybody know if there is an awards committee in Ramsgate? If there is, I think I should be considered for an award as I have trod in doggy poop every day this week culminating today in, which I hope you will agree, my pièce de résistance of smearing 3 separate poo...

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