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19 May 2017

I’m both sad to say and annoyed that I was mugged in Thanet yesterday. I’m not an angry person but this human parasite has both riled me and left me feeling vulnerable; afraid to go out. My therapist has recommended I share the experience to help with the healing proce...

15 Jul 2016

In a nail biting scene earlier today, a boat almost capsized at Dumpton Gap. Drawn too close to shore by the siren call of a bacon sarnie and a cup of tea at Sam’s cafe, the hapless sailors failed to notice the tide was on it’s way out.

As the boat swung violently from...

21 Oct 2014

Breaking News... Boat sinks off Broadstairs Harbour.

Hurricane Gonzalo has taken its toll on the Broadstairs community by floundering a vessel just off Broadstairs harbour with the unfortunate loss of life. One crab was crushed to death as the boat hit the sea floor. Th...

5 Sep 2014

During September, residents of Broadstairs were set adrift without Three Mobile reception. Here follows a journal of how I survived a journey that would have broken lesser men.

Day 1:

It’s only when you lose something that you appreciate its value. Today I awoke as I wou...

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