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"My Unflushed Toilet" - Stacey Lemming's Artwork Coming To Thanet Gallery

Artist Stacey Lemming is delighted that her artwork "My Unflushed Toilet" is being lent to Thanet's art gallery the Turnip Asynchronousary.

Her toilet was a controversial piece of Brit art that caused much discussion when first shown over a decade ago with one critic saying of it "There's a fine line between art and poop." We caught up with Tracey, err, I mean Stacey to tell us about its history:

"It was born out of a depressive yet faecally active period in my life. I had just gone through a rough patch in my relationship and I spent four days on the toilet. When my spirits lifted, I looked back at the rancid detritus and realised what I had created. I'm delighted to be able to share this with the people of Thanet"

Recently sold for £2.54 by art mogul Mr Charles Strangler, it's new owner, Count Christoph Duckula, has lent it to the Turnip Asynchronousary where it will be on display alongside works from the gallery's namesake JCB Turnip.

To gauge local opinion, we spoke to visitors outside the exhibition to hear their take on the artist's work. Bob from Margate said:

"You don't want to go in there mate, someone's left a number two. I thought the seaweed smelt bad around here, good god, my eyes were watering and I retched a few times. The only way I can describe it is like peeling a thousand onions and condensing them into a nasal spray and then inhaling it all with a deep breath."

Jim from Broadstairs took a contemplative approach to the toilet: 

"I was impressed. I think it's a breath of fresh air on the Thanet art scene although a touch of air freshener wouldn't go amiss. I was enthused to see JCB Turnip's works 'Turnips at Sea', 'The Turnipwreck' and 'The Fighting Turnip' adding a sense of brash turmoil to the display of her toilet."

And finally Kim from Ramsgate wasn't impressed by Stacey's offerings:

"That's art? You want art you should come round my house. My flush has been on the fritz for a week, that's what a real unflushed toilet looks like. I wouldn't mind someone paying me £2.54 for that, in fact, if I had that much cash I'd pay them to take it away."

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