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The Surrender of Napoleon - No Excuse to Crap Everywhere

I'm not one to rain on anybody's parade but after yesterday's landing of the eagle event in Broadstairs, I feel it's important that droplets of common sense precipitate on a procession of whimsy.

It was a well organised and enjoyable event that celebrated us beating the bothersome French and putting an end to their heinous ideas of Liberté, égalité and fraternité (liberty, equality and brotherhood) to keep our glorious British class based boot firmly on the starvation wage working man that didn't die propping the aristocracy up, which is wonderful, but I feel some people ruined the parade for others.

We have had posts on here before about dog poop on the street but there doesn't seem to of been mention of the ever increasing problem of horse poop.

This is a photo from Harbour Street. Somebody has clearly been walking their horse without horsey poo bags to clean up after them. Hundreds of visitors had to shuffle around this unsanitary deposit causing at least one second's inconvenience.

I am going to be reporting this to Thanet District Council as the scourge of equine effluence on our streets has gone on unchallenged for long enough. If you're walking your horse, please be considerate of others, keep it on a lead next to roads and make sure you pick up after them.

Thank you

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