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Local Graffiti “Artist” Awarded Nobel Prize In Art

There was celebration today as it was announced that local graffiti artist Gareth Cretin aka ChunderTunt, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Art.

Mr Cretin who has been a regular on the Thanet art scene, developed a tagging style that impressed people with its elegant romanticism and inspired a generation of artists to follow his lead. We interviewed 35 year old Mr Cretin at his home in his mother’s basement:

“The problem with Thanet is that there are a lot of old buildings with a century or so of history. I decided it was time to update some of these fine examples of architecture with my own indistinct work. I mean what purer art form is there than taking a permanent marker out late at night and squiggling like a 4 year old on somebody else’s property?

At first I tried to remain anonymous because people seemed keen to find me...and offer thanks for giving them something beautiful I imagine. Now, with this recognition, I’m proud to be associated with my public works and have decided to release my private finger paintings and macaroni art my mummy helped me do.”

Critics and pundits alike heaped praise upon Mr Cretin which led to the prize committee’s decision. Local art dealer Horatio Lovejoy explains why:

“When someone thinks about graffiti the go to name until recently has been Banksy with his satirical criticisms of society in well thought out murals. That’s not art. ThunderC...sorry, ChunderTunt taps into his inner child and unleashes it with a delicate swipe of his pen across a wall creating masterpieces such as ‘Squiggle, smiley face, squiggle, squiggle’ or his magnum opus ‘Squiggle, squiggle, squiggle, smiley face’. Nobody, and I mean nobody, below the age of 2 could create such exquisite treasures.”

ChunderTunt’s works can be seen across Thanet and I am sure all can agree, it’s an honour to have a genius such as him living amongst us.

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